marriage record of John and Elizabeth Pers

Marriage record of John Pers and Elizabeth, April 1610

A Brief History of the Peirce/Pierce Family of Massachusetts

Pierce/Peirce biographical sketches
Biographical sketch of Jarvis Pierce Sr. (1771-1831) of Massachusetts and Illinois
Biographical sketches of the children of Jarvis Pierce Sr.and his wife Rhoda Darby
Biographical sketch of Jarvis Pierce Jr. (1800-1880) of Massachusetts, Vermont, and Illinois
Israel Day Towle and Eliza Peirce, daughter of Jarvis and Rhoda Peirce
William Rearden and Elmira Peirce, daughter of Jarvis and Rhoda Peirce

Pierce descent charts and family group sheets
Ancestry of Jarvis Pierce Jr., 1800-1880, to Isaac Pierce, 1700-1773
Ancestry of Isaac Pierce to John Pers, 1588-1661, immigrant ancestor of Jarvis Pierce
Descendant Report for John Pers, thirteen generations, with index
Seven generation descendant Report for Josiah Peirce & Sarah Gale, with index
Children of Jarvis Pierce Jr.
Descendant Reports for Jarvis Pierce Jr.
Descendant report for Eliza Peirce and Israel Day Towle
Descendant report for Elmira Peirce and William Rearden

Pierce Census Information
Census Information for Jarvis Pierce Sr. (1771-1831) of White and Gallatin Counties, Illinois
Census Information for Jarvis Pierce Jr. (1800-1880) of Harrisburg, Illinois

Pierce Obituaries
Obituary for Jarvis Pierce Jr., d.1880, Harrisburg, Saline County, Illinois

Pierce Burials
Gravestone of Eliza Pierce Towle, d.1876, daughter of Jarvis Pierce Sr. and Rhoda Darby and wife of Israel Day Towle, d.1875, Harrisburg, Illinois
Gravestone of Israel Day Towle, d.1875, husband of Eliza Pierce Towle, Harrisburg, Illinois
Gravestone of William Rearden, d.1846, husband of Elmira Peirce

Pierce Documents
Baptisms of six of the children of John and Elizabeth Pers, Norwich, England
Will of Isaac Peirce, 1700-1773, Waltham, Massachusetts
Will of Josiah Peirce, 1723-1806, Worcester, Massachusetts
Will of Josiah Peirce, 1723-1806, image of original will
Marriage Record: Rhoda Darby Pierce and Thomas Johnson, 1834, Gallatin County, Illinois
Marriage Record: Elmira Peirce and William Rearden, 1820, White County, Illinois
Marriage license and certificate: John E. Rearden and Emma L. Wilson, 1848, Gallatin County, Illinois
Marriage license and certificate: Walter Bender and Lucy Rearden Hopper, 1910, Cochise County, Arizona
Marriage Record: Jarvis Pierce Jr. and Sally Wilkerson, 1821, Jefferson County, Illinois
Marriage Certificate: Elewisa Hubbard and William Jefferson Gatewood, 1828, Gallatin County, Illinois
Marriage Records for Jarvis Pierce Jr. & his Descendants in Gallatin, Jefferson & Saline Counties, Illinois The family Bible and other records of Eliza Peirce and Israel Day Towle

Related families
Charcoal portraits of Eliza Pierce, daughter of Jarvis Pierce Sr., and Israel Day Towle
The Gale family of Massachusetts, including Sarah Gale, wife of Josiah Peirce
William Munroe, ca.1625-1718, great great grandfather of Rhoda Darby, wife of Jarvis Peirce Sr.
Home of North & Anna Habberton Storms, Evansville, Indiana

The marriage record above was taken from the parish registers of St. Edmund's, Church of England, in Norwich, England. The register is old, illegible in spots and difficult to read, but one can make out John Pearse single man and Elizabeth ..smudge.. single woman were married ... April. The days of marriage are given in Roman numerals and theirs is smudged and illegible. At the top of the page, not shown here, is Anno Domini 1609 followed by marriages in January and February. Then, just above the Pers marriage is Anno Domini with the year illegible. I am assuming that the year is 1610 since the next marriage is in April and the new year began the end of March. This would put their marriage in April 1610 rather than in 1609 which most sources state.
Source: Parish registers for Norwich,1538-1946, Registers of St. Edmund's, Church of England, Norwich, Norfolk, England; FHL MF 993665, item 1, Baptisms 1598-1685 Marriages 1562-1685 Burials 1550-1685.

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