Marriage of Rhoda Darby Pierce and Thomas Johnson


State of Illinois
Gallatin County

Whereas marriage is shortly intended between Thomas Johnson and Rodia Pierce both of this county and both of lawful age, an no other legal objection thereto existing, these are therefore to license and permit any regularly ordained minister of the Gospel or any other person authorized by our laws to marry, To join together as husband and wife the aforesaid parties and for so doing this shall be their sufficient authority.

Witness James Caldwell, Clerk of the county commisioners Court of Gallatin County at this office in Equality, the 2nd day of June 1834. James Caldwell clerk


I do hereby certify that I solemnized the rite of matrimony between the within named Thos. Johnson and Rhoda Pierce on Thursday, the 5th day of June A.D. 1834.

William Henson

After Rhoda Darby Pierce's first husband, Jarvis Pierce Sr., died in 1831, she married a second time to Thomas Johnson. The marriage license, top picture, licenses Thomas Johnson and Rodia Pierce to marry, and is dated 2 June 1834. The bottom picture certifies that Thos. Johnson and Rhoda Pierce were married on 5 June 1834 in Gallatin County, Illinois.

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