children of William Charles Miller and Lucy Swainson

Lucy Elizabeth Miller, 1855-1946, the oldest child, was born in Liverpool. Like two of her sisters, she never married. She and her sisters lived for many years in Holloway House in Heybridge, Essex. She lived to be 90 years old and died in Maldon, Essex, England.

Charles Edward Miller, 1856-1928, was born in Liverpool. He married Annie Marie Bayley. In the early 1880s they homesteaded in Manitoba, Canada. After several more moves, including Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, England, and Cheyenne, Wyoming, they eventually settled in Missoula, Montana. They had eight children, one of whom died young, and one who moved to South Africa. Annie died in 1927 in Denver, Colorado, while visiting her daughter. Charles died the following year in Missoula, Montana.

Emily Miller, 1858-1951, was born in Liverpool, and died in Heybridge, England. She lived for many years in Holloway House in Heybridge, Essex.

Henry Miller, 1859-1927, was born in Liverpool. He graduated from Uppingham School in Rutland. He was a tea planter in India. He married Margaret Frances Adams in 1892 and they had four children. He died in Surrey, England.

Photograph of Henry Miller, his wife and children
July 1919 photo of Lucy Swainson Miller, her son Henry Miller, and grandson Henry Francis Swainson Miller
Charles Scovell Miller, son of Henry Miller
Marybell Weekes, bride of Charles Scovell Miller
Newspaper notice of wedding of Charles Scovell Miller and Marybell Weekes
Marybell Weekes, graduation photo
Obituary of Marybell Weekes Miller, 1989

Maude Alice Miller, 1861-1958, married Ernest Edmund Bentall in 1885. They lived in The Towers, Heybridge, England. They had six children. Ernest died in 1945. Maude died in Heybridge.

Maude Miller Bentall
Photos of Maude Miller age four and age ten
Maude and Edmund Bentall in their carriage
Maude Miller Bentall with two of her young sons
Photos of Maude Miller Bentall with her husband, children and others
More photos of Maude Miller Bentall's family
The Bentall home - The Towers - in Heybridge, Essex, England

Arthur Francis Miller, 1863-1865.

Gertrude Mary Miller, 1865-1968, was born in Liverpool, England. She lived for many years in Holloway House in Heybridge, Essex with her unmarried sisters. She never married. She died in Heybridge.

George Ernest Miller, 1867-1940, was born in Liverpool. He became a tea planter in Assam, India. He never married.

Edwin Swainson Miller, 1869-1945, was born in Liverpool. He received his degree of Bachelor of Medicine at University College, Liverpool Medical School. He received a Bachelor of Surgery at Victoria University in British Columbia and in 1895 entered the Royal Navy as a surgeon. He married Helen Liardet in 1913 and had two sons. He died in Brentwood, Essex.

Edwin Swainson Miller and Helen Beatrice Liardet, photographs
Edwin Swainson Miller, Royal Naval surgeon, in his dress uniform
Lucy Swainson Miller holding her son Edwin Swainson Miller
Richard Anthony Swainson Miller, son of Edwin Swainson Miller
Richard Miller and his wife Margot on their 25th wedding anniversary
Peter Miller, son of Edwin Swainson Miller

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