William Charles Miller

Lucy Swainson

William Charles Miller was born 6 March 1826 in Bahia, Brazil. He was the third child born to Joseph Dundas Miller and Elizabeth Tomlinson. The first five children in the family were born in Brazil. Some time after 1829, when Joseph Dundas Jr. was born, and 1835, when Elizabeth, the sixth child, was born in Liverpool, Joseph Dundas Miller and his family moved back to England.

William Charles married Lucy Swainson, 1826 - 1925, on 11 July 1854 at Halton Parish, Lancaster County, England. William Charles Miller, like his father, was a merchant and shipbroker and lived in Liverpool most of his life. He had a residence in London as well. Lucy was the daughter of John Swainson and Elizabeth Susannah Tatham of Halton, Lancashire. William Charles and Lucy had nine children, all born in Liverpool.

William Charles wrote his will 9 April 1864 and added two codicils in 1867 and 1889. He died 24 August 1899 in Liverpool, and was buried in Liverpool Cemetery. Probate was 6 February 1900. His wife, Lucy, died in Heybridge, Essex, in 1925, at the age of ninety-nine and was buried in the Heybridge Cemetery.

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