Nina Miller, 1881-1956, the oldest child, was born in Leytonstone, Essex, England. In 1907 she received her Nursing Degree from the Brentford Infirmary in London. She then joined her family in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and began her nursing career. She married John Robert Wilson of Iowa and eventually moved to San Diego, California, where she set up and ran a nursing home called Cromwell Lodge. In 1955 she moved to Honolulu to live with her daughter. She died there in 1956, age 65.

Edward Howard Miller, 1883-1933, was born in Birtle, Manitoba, Canada. Around 1900, while the family was back in England for a few years, he went to fight in the Boer War in South Africa. He also fought in World War I. He stayed in South Africa, married Annie Mary Hazelhurst and they had eight children. He was only 49 when he died from sillicosis, a lung disease he developed from working in the mines in South Africa. Some of his descendants live in South Africa, England and Australia.

Marriage certificate of Edward Howard Miller and Annie Mary Hazelhurst

Constance Emily Miller, 1884-1977, was born in Birtle, Manitoba, Canada. In 1908 she married Leroy Baker, an electrical contractor. They lived in Wyoming and Montana before moving to California with their four children. Roy started the Baker Electric Company in 1939 in Escondido, California. They both died there, Roy in 1953, and Connie in 1977, age 93.

Gravestone of Constance Emily Miller Baker

Lucy Gertrude Miller, 1887-1972, was born in Birtle, Manitoba, Canada. She was living with her family in Cheyenne, Wyoming, when she met James Henry Healy, a heating and plumbing contractor from Minnesota. They married in Cheyenne, moved to St. Paul, Minnesota, and then bought a home in Mahtomedi on White Bear Lake where they raised five children. In 1951 they moved to San Diego, California, to be near their children and grandchildren. They later moved to Escondido where Jim Healy died in 1960. Lucy moved back to the San Diego area where she later died, age 85. Lucy was the paternal grandmother of the author, Anne Healy Field.

Jim Healy and Lucy Miller
Gravestone of Lucy Gertrude Miller Healy

Ethel Maude Miller, 1888-1981, was born in Birtle, Manitoba, Canada. When the family was living in Pittsburgh, she was badly burned. After spending several months in the hospital, her father took her to a hospital in Liverpool where she stayed several more months. She stayed in Liverpool several years and went to school there. When she finished her schooling she joined the family in Cheyenne. She married Arthur Boyd in 1915. He worked for various oil companies and they lived in several places. Arthur died in 1953. Ethel later lived with her daughter, Barbara Rix, in Beaumont, Texas. She was 93 when she died.

Gravestones of Ethel Maude Miller and Arthur Franklin Boyd

Sidney Neville Miller, 1890-1891, was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He died when he was nine months old from intestinal flu.

Esther Mary Miller, 1894-1995, was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In 1916 she married Elwood Breisch who worked for various oil and refinery companies. They had four children. In 1959, when he retired, they moved to Escondido, California, to live next door to Esther's sister Connie. They later lived with their daughter Betty. They both died in Oklahoma, Elwood in 1989, and Esther in 1995 when she was 100 years old.

Frederick Spurstow Miller, 1898-1987, was born in London. He entered the U.S. Navy in 1918 and was trained as an electrician. He married Linetta Anderson in 1923 and they had two children. The family lived in Seattle until 1946 when they moved to Escondido, California, where he joined the Baker Electric Company. He retired in 1962. They both died in Escondido, Linetta in 1985 and Fred in 1987, age 89.

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