Zephaniah Phillip's Time-Lock Safe

Zephaniah Philips applied for a patent for an improvement on the time-lock safe on September 23, 1876, while living in Bridgeport, Belmont county, Ohio. In his Letters Patent No. 183966 he declares:

Be it known that I, ZEPHANIAH PHILLIPS ... have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Time-Locks; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description therof...

Zephaniah received his patent October 31, 1876. His time-lock was engineered so the safe could be opened at whatever time was desired. The mechanism is a timer which prevents the opening of the safe until the correct time is reached. Shown at right is the front of the time-lock safe.

The interior recess of the time-lock safe in which the time-lock mechanism is installed.

Close-up of the time-lock mechanism.

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Photographs of Zephaniah's time-lock safe courtesy of William Lawrence Phillips, Jr., one of Zephaniah's descendants.

Letters Patent No.183966, Improvement in Time-Locks, Zephaniah Phillips, Patent 183966, thanks to Google Patents database.

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