The Brent Family
The F.C. Brent family, ca.1887, Pensacola, Florida

The F.C. Brent family, ca.1887-88, Pensacola, Florida

Brent descent charts and Family group sheets

12-generation descent report from Richard Brent, d.1587, and Elizabeth Reed, with index & sources

6-generation descent report for Col. William Brent, 1774-1848 with index & sources

5-generation descent report for Thomas Wm. Brent, 1808-1875, and Merced Gonzalez, 1824-1919, with index & sources

Family group sheet for Thomas William Brent, 1808-1875

Family group sheet for Francis Celestino Brent, 1848-1914

The Brent family at Brentwood, ca.1887-88. L-R back: Belle, Thomas, Catherine; sitting: Mollie, F.C. Brent holding George, Mary Ella Brent holding Cora, Tino, and Celestine. Photographer: Turton, Pensacola, Fla. The photograph was taken before the four youngest children were born: Genevieve, Robert, William and Frances. Brentwood was the summer home and family farm and was located about five miles north of downtown Pensacola.

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