Grandsons of
Mary Dorothy Miller and William Gordon

William and Vyner Gordon, brothers, grandsons of Mary Dorothy Miller and William Gordon
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Left: William, left, and his younger brother, Vyner Gordon

Below: Vyner Gordon "waiting to bring Bairns to Glenlochar School"

William Edward, known as "Ted" was born in 1899; his brother Vyner Reginald was born in 1904. They were the sons of Edith Beatrice Southey and Edward Gordon, fourth child and fourth son of William and Mary Dorothy Miller Gordon.

Vyner was working in Hong Kong in 1940. His wife and children were evacuated to Australia as war approached with the Japanese. Vyner remained in Hong Kong, participating in the Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Force. He was wounded during the invasion of Hong kong in December 1941 and and died the following month on January 6, 1942.

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The photos of William and Vyner Gordon and information about them was provided thanks to Vyner's son, Colin Gordon.

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