"The Cairn"

Malcolm/McKenzie wedding, 1924

Wedding photo taken at the Malcolm family home "The Cairn" - Photo caption, L-R: May (Malcolm) Dearlove, Bob McKenzie (groom), Marion Malcolm (bride), Phil Dearlove, Stepmother Adelaide Malcolm, Campbell Malcolm, G. Huntly [sic] Malcolm. In Front - Phyllis and Janet Dearlove. Birtle, Manitoba, Canada, 1924. The man standing behind the bride and groom is unidentified.
The Huntley Malcolm family home,
The Huntley Malcolm family home, "The Cairn, about 1902"
The Cairn
"The Cairn" in 2000, slated to be demolished later that year

In 1901 the Huntley Malcolm family moved to new homestead, located in the Miniota Municipality. Their new home was a large stone house which they named “The Cairn.” Their previous home was "The Thicket," where all the children had been born. Not long after the family moved into their new home, Janet Winter Malcolm died in childbirth. The home, which stood for nearly 100 years, was to be torn down not long after this photo was taken in 2000.

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Photographs of the wedding and "The Cairn" courtesy of Heather McKenzie, a Malcolm descendant.

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