Record of Baptism
William Miller, 1751-1826

Record of baptism of William Miller, baptized 14 October 1751, Holy Trinity Church, Kendal, Westmoreland, England.

The top image is a copy from the page of the parish register, Holy Trinity Church, for October 1751. In this copy from the actual register, the parents' names appear to be Mr. John & Margaret Miller of Market Place. The use of "Mr." indicates that John was a gentleman.

The bottom image is a copy of the transcripts made from the register. Kendal Parish Register, Kendal, England, FHC Microfilm 0973138 of original transcripts, vols. 6 & 7, 1750-1770, vol. 6, p.19.

24 February 2005
Updated 7 January 2019
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