Children of George John Huntley Malcolm and Janet Inglis Winter

Gladys Emily Malcolm, 1882-1882

Janet May Malcolm, 1893-1978, who went by May, the oldest of the surviving children of Huntley Malcolm and Janet Inglis Winter, was born in the family home, “The Thicket.” She married Philip Dearlove and they had two daughters. She later married Claude Stockdale.

Marion Ethel Malcolm,1894-1975, was born in the family home, "The Thicket." She became a registered nurse,married Robert James McKenzie with whom she had two children.

George Lawrence Malcolm, was also born in Birtle in "The Thicket." He fought overseas in France during World War I, returned home and homesteaded a farm in Saskatchewan for many years before he finally married, late in life, to Bertie Donaldson. They had no children.

Campbell H. Malcolm, 1898-1996, the youngest child of Huntley and Janet Malcolm, was born in Birtle in the family home, “The Thicket.” He was just four when his mother died and his father remarried. He left home in 1923, becoming a grain buyer, working for Paterson Grain at the Chillon siding grain elevator between 1924 and 1928. He worked in many locations, finally settling in Winnipeg in 1938 as Manager of the Federal Grain Seed Division.

In 1926, while working at Chillon, he married Iola Martha Taylor in nearby Foxwarren. They had three children: Neil, Shirley and Marie.

Campbell was appointed to the National Harbours Board in 1955 in Ottawa and served for ten years, a great experience as the St. Lawrence Seaway was under construction during this time. After he retired, he and Iola moved back to Winnipeg for about three years before moving to Victoria, British Columbia. They moved back to Ottawa about 1983-84. Iola died in 1985 in Ottawa and Campbell in 1996. They are both buried in the Pinecrest Cemetery in Ottawa.

Family photos of the Huntley Malcolm family

Photos courtesy of May Wady and Heather McKenzie, descendants

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