Thomas William Brent, 1808-1875

Merced Gonzalez Brent, 1824-1919

Thomas William Brent was born 20 February 1808 in Washington D.C. His parents were William Brent, a colonel in the District of Columbia militia, and Catherine Walker Johnson, daughter of Thomas Johnson Jr. When he was only fourteen, his mother died. His father remarried three years later.

Thomas enlisted as an officer in the United States Navy in March 1825 and served 35 years, 10 months and 18 days. His service included action in the War with Mexico on the U.S.S. Falmouth, a sloop of war which, during the opening months of the Mexican War in 1846, blockaded Mexican ports before sailing back north for repairs. He resigned 19 January 1861 to serve in the Confederate States Navy. In December 1864 he was aboard the C.S.S. Savannah, a confederate ironclad ram, in Savannah harbor. The ship was destroyed December 21st of that year to prevent its capture by the Union forces. According to the widow's pension application papers, Thomas had blue eyes, black hair, a fair complexion, and stood about 5'10" tall.

He married Merced Gonzalez 12 July 1841 in Barrancas, Florida, near Pensacola. Their first child was born in Washington D.C., and nine more children were born in Pensacola. Merced was the daughter of Celestino Gonzalez and Pauline Granpera of Pensacola and the oldest of their nine children. Thomas died on 10 November 1875 in Pensacola and is buried in St. Michael's Cemetery in Pensacola. Merced lived on more than forty years longer, long enough to see several of her great grandchildren, and died of heart failure on 10 December 1919. She is buried in St. Michael's Cemetery.

Only two of Thomas William and Merced's ten children married and had children; only one, Francis Celestino Brent, carried on the Brent family name.

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Picture of Thomas William Brent is a photograph of a painting of Thomas William in the possession of Dreda and Larry Grimes.

Oval picture of Merced Gonzalez Brent, wife of Thomas William Brent, was taken 12 May 1904, when she was 79 years old; she lived another fifteen years, dying at age 95. Picture from the collection of Jean Healy.

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