Bridget and Nellie Healy of County Mayo, Ireland, and Minnesota

Bridget Healy holding her sister Nellie

     Bridget and Nellie Healy

Bridget Healy was the fourth child born to Patrick M. Healy and Mary Hope of County Mayo, Ireland. She was born in the parish of Addergoole, baptized in St. Patrick's Church in Lahardane on 23 November 1861. She, along with her two brothers, Patrick and Thomas, and her younger sister, Mary, left Ireland for America in 1866. Mary, only two years old, died of cholera during the voyage. Six more children were born after the family arrived in Minnesota.

About 1883 Bridget married Frank Lorig and they had two daughters: Irene Marie and Katherine F. "Kitty" Lorig. The girls were still young when both Bridget and Frank died from tuberculosis in 1890. They are both buried in Calvary Cemetery in St. Paul, Minnesota. Their daughters were raised by Frank's parents in Colorado.

Ellen Margaret - "Nellie" - was the youngest child in the family, born 20 June 1878 in Faribault, Minnesota, where the family settled when they first arrived in Minnesota. The family eventually ended up in St. Paul. Nellie worked as a clerk in a department store before she met and married John A. Koehler.

John and Nellie lived in North Dakota where John worked for the Peterson Company, a general store, in Dawson, then later became the general manager of another Peterson store in Tappen. In 1921 they moved to California where they operated a grocery store in Long Beach. A year or so later they moved back to North Dakota, this time to Pettibone, where John managed a grocery store. John died suddenly in 1944 in Pettibone and was buried in Calvary Cemetery in St. Paul. Nellie sold the store in 1946 and moved back to California, living in Long Beach and Anaheim, where she died in 1967. She and John never had any children.

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