I became interested in genealogy in the mid 1970s when I realized I knew next to nothing about my mother's father who died when she was very young. After twenty years of doing research on my mother's family lines, I worked with my aunt to produce a book on my father's paternal families, the Healys and the Hopes. My aunt, who spent years gathering information on our Miller line, gave me all her boxes of research and documents, so my research has expanded to those family lines as well. I am indebted to her, a retired school librarian, for the great amount of research she produced. My webpage has brought me into contact with cousins in Australia, England, Canada and all over the United States. If you think you are related through one of my family lines, I would love to hear from you and share information.

Anne Healy Field

Photograph of the author as a young child riding a rocking horse.

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